A webinar is an online session that transforms a presentation into a continuous discussion from anyplace in the world. Webinars permit huge gatherings of members to take part in online conversations or training and development platforms, it also allows them to share the audios, videos, visuals, documents and presentations – all this detailed and informative session takes place among individuals when are not physically present in the same place.

Sponsored webinars are the new cash cow for B-to-B publishers online -- with 20%-30% year-over-year revenue growth. We've interviewed top execs at Cygnus Business Media, CMP TechWeb, FierceMarkets, IDG's Network World and TechTarget to discover how you can to profit from this new B-to-B media. Some publishers fondly refer to webinars as their "cash cow." Many larger B-to-B publishers (especially those in high tech) are selling hundreds of webinar sponsorship packages and expecting 20%-30% year-over-year growth.

Why Shift towards Webinars

Events takes months and even years to plan. The pandemic wave spread all over the world (COVID’19), has caused health and economic crises. You find yourself facing the choice of having your important events postponed or is cancelled. Going virtual with your event is the best option you have. The modern era is adaptive to the technological shift and by conducting these live sessions we are becoming digitally advance, which is the need of the generation. The Series of Webinars arranged by the platform of Badar Expo Solutions would bring together innovators, opinion-leaders and researchers, with the help of these webinars industry specialists and subject-matter experts would share their perspectives and help you boost your problem-solving skills under the natural calamity.

Advantages of a conducting a Webinar

  • Train Employees & Customers

    Attending Webinars lets you interact effectively with a widely dispersed workforce in real-time. Provide pre-recorded or live workshops to audiences.

  • Generate Leads & Awareness

    Webinar helps you better know your customers. Harness data and questions to develop a more accurate customer profile. The result: better customer targeting.

  • Build Rapport

    Whether you use it to inform customers or educate employees, going to Webinars helps you engage authentically. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and increased employee engagement.

  • Improve Sales

    Focus on high-quality leads for your sales team, you spend more time with the leads most likely to pay off.